Supervision   on   set,   as   like   as   pre-production,   is   very   crucial   for   a   visual   effects   success.   This   is   the   reason   each   shot   is   approached   with   an   in-depth   study   during   pre- production and figure out all issues related to the production phase as well as post processes. Gianluca   Dentici   works   closely   with   directors,   DOPs   and   camera   operators,   by   collectinh   vfx   datas   during   the   shootings,   including   lighting   conditions,   set   surveying   and measures, camera setup  and other relevant information useful for visual effects. Moreover   he   proposes   special   shooting   equipments   and   techniques   that   would   fit   more   effective   for   the   shots   or   coordinating   second   units   crews   for   the   shooting   of   special elements and plates for visual effects purposes. Gianluca   Dentici   is   equipped   with   professional   tools   to   recover   set   datas,   such   as   laser   meter,   inclinometer,   lightprobe,   lens   distortion   grids,   sfx   color   charts,   markers   for matchmoving, vfx log, still camera, laptop computers and also motion control tools.
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