For complex visual effects shots Gianluca Dentici employs special shooting equipment such as motion control; Thanks   to   the   advanced   certification   on   Milo   motion   control   gained   at   the   British   company   Mark   Roberts   Motion   Control   Ltd. ,   he   is   able   to   previsualize   and   manage   shootings   for visual effects; The   amazing   features   of   the   motion   control   systems   ran   by   a   computer,   combined   with   a   powerfull   dedicated   software,   allows   unlimited   creative   possibilities;   In   addition,   a perfect   integration   with   CG   tools   permits   to   previsualize   movements   within   the   software   and   then   execute   on   real   rig,   besides,   conversely,   it   is   possible   to   import   moves   recorder with the controlled rig to CG tools and blend them with computer generated elements. Gianluca   Dentici   also   collaborated   with   London   based   Mo-sys    and   italians   manifacturer   Cartoni    on   the   development   of   one   of   the   most   sophisticated   script   to   import   and   export data movement for Maya 3D software.
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