Gianluca        Dentici,        Vfx        Supervisor    and    Compositor    has    a    strong    expertise    on    film-making processes and Visual effects gained on his 20 years-long career on film and TV productions. Thanks   to   a   deep   knowledge   on   visual   effects   and   special   shooting   techniques   he   provides   a valuable   support   to   productions   and   visual   effects   companies   by   planning      on-stage   needs, supervising   the   shootings   and   the   entire   vfx   process.   He   works   closely   with      directors,   DOPs,     visual      effects      producers      during   the   pre-production   stage   by   addressing   technical   analysis   and turnovers,  visual concepts and shooting techniques proposals. On the post production side he works as compositing supervisor or overall VFX Supervisor.
A   continuous   updating   and   the   constant   research   on   latest   cutting-edge   technologies   allows   him   to   stay   informed   on   techniques   for   film shooting and post production as well as the latest market trends for digital compositing, stereography and CG rendering engines. Gianluca      Dentici      is      also      certified      by      Mark      Roberts      Motion      Control      Camera      Ltd.,      the      prestigious      company      that      manifactures     the best motion control equipments and is able to previsualize VFX shots using motion control and related CG software. Thanks      to      various      partnerships      with      training      institutions,      academies      and      universities   he      is   very   proactive   on   research   and development   for   the   computer   science   and   CGI,   aiming   for   improvements   on   creative   tools   and   make   production   pipelines   and workflows being more efficient and reliable.
Gianluca Dentici is a member of The Visual Effects Society (VES) and Italian Academy of Motion Pictures Film (three times nominated in the best visual effects category as VFX Supervisor). Gianluca Dentici has worked at MPC, DNEG, FRAMESTORE, NEXUS, ETC, DUPE VFX, LOLA POST.  He is currently working at RISE FX London as COMPOSITING SUPERVISOR
‘Ghoma’ directed by Abdelhamid El Ghoul. Associate VFX Supervisor at Paperbone VFX
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