Gianluca Dentici “Python scripting for Smart and Curious compositor” book is nearly ready ! You can order on line ! stay tuned ! “When I first started peeking into Python scripting I was surprise with the amount of free python books available online but soon I realised that studying python scripting per se woukd have been certainly very interesting but how could I translate that to proper nuke python snippets for my daily compositing needs ? Browsing online many great colleagues wrote their own pages packed with tons of python snippets absolutely useful, but the point is: do we really understand what those lines of code mean at all ? would we be able to write our own snippets ? So the idea to share what I have learned comes from this thought. This page hosts just a few lessons on Python scripting, just essentials, you don’t need to become a nerd to cook up some interesting snippet for you work!” LESSON 1 - download it here! LESSON 2 - download it here! LESSON 3 - download it here! LESSON 4 - download it here! LESSON 5 - download it here! LESSON 6 - download it here! PYTHON SCRIPTING FOR SMART AND CURIOUS COMPOSITORS - THE BOOK !!! please click here to download an extract of the book’s topics !!
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