Find in this page some tools (gizmos and python scripts) developed by Gianluca Dentici for Compositing. Some of them are free to download, so feel free to get !
GD_Illuminator    is    a    toolkit    which    allows    you    to relight your CG in many different ways. You   have   6   kind   of   lighting   and   3   lights   for   each one. So   you   may   decide   which   one   is   more   suitable   for your shot or even use all of them together. (overall   cc,   rim   lights,   fill   lights,   luminance   based lights,normal based lights,3d lights) The   tool   is   entirely   based   on   Color   ID   pass   and      is quite    good    on    shots    with    many    CG    elements expecially   when   you   don’t   have   ID   passes   for   all involved   elements.   I   succesfully   used   this   tool   on Ridley Scott’s EXODUS. The tool has been developed at MPC-
- GD_illuminator
I   Created   this   gizmo   to   speed   up   my   comp   work   during TERMINATOR   GENISYS   at   MPC; The   tool   uses position/refposition passes and normals (optional), to select an alpha. The selection works along axis and not by using just a point like P_tools or similar gizmos do. By using this tool is really straightforward to perform very precise selections on your CG. Besides, If you decide to use normals, the selection becomes even more precise by giving  you an amazing response on your CG bump details. I have used this nice tool on my comps to manage the colors on very tiny parts of the CG robot.
Bushgen   is   a   very   nice   tool   I   created   while   I   was   working   at   MPC on Disney’s Jungle Book. We had many shots into the jungle, hence grass everywhere. All   the   grass   in   the   movie   is   CG   but   for   some   of   my   shots   I   needed even more to fill some area up. I   did   it   myself   by   creating   a   special   tool   based   on   particles   and generates random seeds across a selected area. The    tool    allows    also    for    random    moves,    curvatures,    grass thickness, colors variations and many other parameters. I’m   still   improving   it   by   creating   a   less   heavy   computation   version and even more controls (secondary grows of leaves etc.)
FX MACHINE  is a Nuke tool able of creating impressive effects like flares, electricity, rays, power rings, galaxies, lasers etc.. The tool includes10 modules (so as tabs): MAIN,CORE,STREAKS,RAYS,GLOW,FLARE,RINGS,LINES,RAIN- BOWS,LENS ARTIFACTS, each one contributing on the final results (look at the images on the left) FX MACHINE is nearly all-in-one tool based on math expressions and Python for the generation of patterns and light effects.
The main tab include 15 effective presets, so the user won't spend too much time on building a new one from scratch and will learn how the construction process works. Gianluca Dentici has used this tool on “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” and “Assassin’s Creed”
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