"Viva   la   Libertà",   directed   by   Roberto   Andò   and   starring   Tony   Servillo,   Valerio   Mastandrea   and   Valeria   Bruni   Tedeschi   is   the   story   of   an   Italian   politician   who,   thanks   to   his   twin brother,   decided   to   escape   from   his   own   life   for   a   period,   durign   a   complex   moment   of   his   dimming   political   verve.   During   this   journey   abroad   he   rediscover   himself   and   the   past, while his brother, philosopher, clever and enterprising, takes his brother's shoes changing his image and becoming a rampant, charismatic and influential political. The   movie   required   large   use   of   visual   effects,   especially   for   crowd   scenes,   during   public   political   speeches;   The   audience   has   been   recreated   by   multiplying   stock   footage   shot by Gianluca Dentici. Gianluca Dentici also followed the shooting of all greens screens shots. With this movie Gianluca Dentici has been nominated for the David di Donatello Award for the best visual effects in 2012.
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