Violetta, directed by Antonio Frazzi, is the movie adaptation of the outstanding famous Traviata opera, written by Giuseppe Verdi. Since   the   story   has   been   shot   in   Turin   instead   of   Milan   as   the   original   opera   tells,   set   designer   Maurizia   Narducci   faced   many   problems   to   adapt   or   use   city   streets,   as   well   as removing unwanted modernity. Besides the director needed to feel the characteristic Duomo of Milan and the famous Castello Sforzesco in many shots. Therefore Gianluca Dentici encouraged the production team to use green screens for set extentions. He also drove secondary unit for the shooting of the stock footage needed to add monumens in the final shots. Gianluca Dentici supervised all shots on set and during VFX works.
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