Gianluca Dentici becomes member of VES - VISUAL EFFECTS SOCIETY. The   VES   is   a   global   professional   honorary   society   and   the   entertainment   industry's   only   organization   representing   the   full   breadth   of   visual   effects   practitioners   including artists,   technologists,   model   makers,   educators,   studio   executives,   supervisors,   PR/marketing   specialists   and   producers.   VES’   almost   3,000   members   in   33   countries worldwide   contribute   to   all   areas   of   entertainment   –   film,   television,   commercials,   animation,   music   videos,   games   and   new   media.         Headquartered   in   Los Angeles,   the VES has member Sections in Australia, Bay Area (CA), London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, New Zealand, Toronto and Vancouver.
Thanks to Marco Fallanca (Head of production at the Taormina Film Festival) and Giovanni Cultrera (Head of the Catania Opera Theatre) for the warm welcoming at the Taormina's Greek Theatre!
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