For   this   movie   director   Maurizio   Ponzi   wanted   a   shot   with   a   collapsed   building caused by a structural failure. Set   Designer   Nino   Formica   decided   for   a   fire   department   building   usually   used for   firefighters   training   and   added   real   debris,   dropped   pieces   from   the   facade and damaged cars all around. During   post   production   the   block   has   been   extended   by   adding   more   bulding levels and details inside collapsed apartments. Besides   a   digital   matte   painting   has   been   added   around   the   block   to   place   it   in the middle of a city, since the real set is located in a very isolated area. For    these    shots    Gianluca    Dentici    created    the    3D    model    of    the    collapsed bulding and supervised all shootings.
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