Cha Cha cha, directed by Marco Risi, tells an invented story of black affairs settled in a corrupted nation, Italy. A   private   detective   is   following   clues   of   the   murder   of   a   16   years   old   kid   and   the   events   will   drive   him   to   unveil   a   big   story   of   corruption,   much   more   bigger   than   he   would expected, involving estates, terrains and even drugs controlled by the murdered kid's stepfather. This   movie   required   a   bulk   of   visual   effects   work   since   many   shots   needed   enhances,   for   instance   by   adding   debris   during   action   sequences,   shotguns,   green   screen   for   set extensions, On set graphics, flying aircrafts and many fixes and digital removals. Gianluca Dentici supervised all shots of the movie on set and during post production.
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