VFX at Double Negative London
Gianluca   Dentici,   Senior   Compositor   and   Vfx   Supervisor   has   a   strong expertise on many movies and TV productions. Thanks    to    a    deep    knowledge    in    visual    effects    and    special    shooting techniques   he   is   able   to   provide   valuable   support   for   productions   and visual   effects   companies,   by   studying   and   planning   on-stage   needs, supervising the shootings and post-production.  Working   closely   with   directors,DOPs   or   visual   effects   producers   during pre-production   he   draws   up   technical   shots   analysis,   visual   concepts, shooting   techniques   proposals   and   a   detailed   description   of   what   might be accomplished in post-production.
A   continuous   updating   by   a   constant   research   on   latest   technologies   allows   him   to   be   always   on   the   cutting   edge   on   methodologies and   techniques   for   film   shooting   and   the   post   work   as   well   as      latest   on   market   trends   for   digital   compositing,   CGI,   stereography,   as well as 3D realistic rendering engines. Gianluca   Dentici   is   also   certified   by   Mark   Roberts   Motion   Control   Camera   Ltd.,   the   prestigious   company   that   manifactures   best motion control systems and is available to previsualize vfx shots using motion control and related CG software. Thanks   to   various   partnerships   with   training   institutions,   academies   and   universities,   he   follows   the   research   and   development   in the computer graphics field, in order to create innovative tools to help and speed up CGI and post production processes.
directed by Anthony and Joe Russo(Framestore)
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