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"Python Scripting for smart and curious compositors" is a more than a simple book it is a proper companion and a a manual on programming for compositing, specifically for The Foundry Nuke . The e-book starts from scratch and covers nearly all the procedures and programming techniques under a creative and technical point of view. The learning process does not require any previous knowledge of programming although by the end of the jounrney the reader will confront itself with very advanced topics and programs, all documented and explained in details. Ideal for curious compositing artists or for lead/compositing supervisors this 1370 pages-long book covers the creation of tools customizing compositing procedures, build automations and image processing techniques by using Python and also TCL scripting .
For a glimpse on the proposed learning experience you can download six free lessons from the links below however they are just extracts, a much more extended version of these lessons areincluded in the book. LESSON 1 - download it here! LESSON 2 - download it here! LESSON 3 - download it here! LESSON 4 - download it here! LESSON 5 - download it here! LESSON 6 - download it here!
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