For "Christine Christine", the first movie directed by famous actress Stefania Sandrelli, Gianluca Dentici supervised shootings and visual effects on approximately 150 shots. Among them many blue and green screen, digital set extension and the creation of a CG panorama of Paris in 1300. For some scene also natural elements were generated entirely in CG. Thanks to a careful pre-production and supervision, visual effects are excellently integrated in the movie with a strong realism. Gianluca Dentici was nominated for the best visual effects for the David di Donatello Award. For CG recostruction a great attention has been paid on creaiting 3D models (also created by Gianluca), texturing, as well as lighting, based on a HDR capturing on set. Gianluca Dentici also took part duting the color correction phases at Cinecitta Studios along with DOP Paolo Carnera. The movie "Christine Cristina" is certainly one of the most complex productions that have ever been made ​​in Italy for a costume movie, for amount of vfx required. The movie tells the story of a poet, of Christina da Pizzano, actually lived in France in 1300. Given the period and the historical background, the production had to rebuild multiple settings and turn in outside locations suitable. Many scenes in the movie were supposed to shot in and on a dilapidated boat stranded on the banks of the Seine river, where a bankrupt drunk storyteller, masterfully played by Alessandro Haber, lives with his wife, a friend of Cristina from Pizzano. For technical and practical reasons this set was entirely built inside stage 18 at Cinecittà Studios. To address this complex challenge, Gianluca Dentici developed an in depth vfx analisys for all shots during pre-production and a detailed list of all shooting needs along with production managers. The stage was carefully organized to accommodate the large ship surrounded by a blue screen of more than 80 meters and high around 14. Dop Paul Carnera lit the blue screen from above and below with soft-large cone soft light and the entire set with about 60 small baloons lights. The lights placed on the floor and the wires were covered with blue-tinted panels and fabrics. The floor behind the ship was painted blue as well because, in post production, was replaced with the footgage of a watercourse, shot separately. On the blue screen Gianluca Dentici placed a hundred markers for matchmoving purposes; Besides the ovreall set has been measured, and all data recordered along with those from cameras. In addition to blue screen shots also other vfx shots were filmed outdoors with a 8x8 green screen to recreate a river port. Besides any CG extensions have been created to turn blue/green screen shot interiors as outdoors.
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