The Scenic Arts Convention organized by Italian Society of Scenographers and Costume Designers along with the magazine "The Scenographer" took place at Auditorium S.Margherita, University "Ca' Foscari" in Venice in 2007. The event hosted the Academy Award Peter Lamont and many other artists and technicians. The title was "New frontiers of contemporary scenography - the digital era" and was introduced by Gianluca Dentici. Other than the speeches of Gianluca Dentici (who talked about the use of CGI for set extensions and techniques of the modern era) and Peter Lamont who showed plenty amazing images from his stunning works, other professionals shared their experiences. among them: Mike Tuker, miniature effects supervisor from The Model Unit, a company based in London Paolo Miccichè, visual director, about virtual reality used during theatre shows Michael Geissler, technical director of MO-SYS Ltd.(UK), a manufacturing company of motion controls and special equipment for remote controls of motion picture cameras. Gabriele Cipollitti: TV director - on audio/visual systems use for modern multimedia productions. Jane Barnwell: Professor of Film History at London Metropolitan University iin the second picture above, left to right: Jane Barnwell, Mike Tuker - Maria Harman (The scenographer), - Gianluca Dentici , - Paolo Felici (The scenographer) , - Peter Lamont ,- Michael Geissler, Gabriele Cipollitti - (TV director)
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